What are opiates?

OPIATES are also known as opioids, and it is a term that refers to natural and synthetic substances that attach opioid receptors to the brain. Opiates are compounds of alkaloids that can be naturally gotten in the opium poppy plant.  

Opiates contain some psychoactive compounds such as thebaine, morphine and codeine. Over the years, as far back as several centuries ago, opiates have been used to treat several medical conditions particularly pain relief drugs.  

Opiates are known to induce profound calming effects and this is one of the reasons why people are addicted. Naturally, we are drawn to substances that trigger the reward system in our brain. And due to the fact that opiates have relief effects, people want to feel the vibe over again.

So, even though some people don’t have injuries that they are treating or there is no terminal illness, they still take opiates for the fun of it. Usually, people who abuse opiates purchase it from over-the-counter, as they are aware that a health practitioner would not readily give it to them.

Opiates addiction develops steadily. First off, it starts as an abuse. The individual who abuses opiates for quite a while begins to feel that the produced effect is not enough. And then, a sudden need emerges for an increase in dosage.

This is what induces physical dependence, when the individual needs to keep taking the drug to feel normal.

Over time, physical dependence births cravings which is obvious by the increased need to continue using drugs. Even though they are aware of the unpleasant side effects that could happen, the drug-seeking character of the individual is hard to control.

With time, addiction sets in which presents a very complex problem surrounding the individual’s desire to always use drugs. Due to the fact that addiction is a neurological disease, the individual at some point feels the urge to stop, but lacks the willpower to do so.

In order to treat opiate addiction, it is advisable to seek treatment at an inpatient rehabilitation center.

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