Acupuncture for holistic addiction treatment

Acupuncture treatment is used to heal so many conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, cancer, addiction etc. Acupuncture is a complementary treatment provides in addiction recovery programs. Acupuncture treatment in addiction recovery is known to provide mixed results.

Acupuncture is a process of inserting needles into different specific anatomic locations on the skin. It was originated in China and used as an alternative or complementary treatment for numerous physical and mental ailments. Acupuncture has now become the common practice in many western countries.

Holistic Addiction Treatment: Holistic addiction treatment is all the rage right now, especially those ones which originates outside the disciplines of western medicine. These treatment techniques prove to be really beneficial for people who are struggling to get earlier recovery from addiction.

Is acupuncture helpful in addiction recovery?

Acupuncture treatment has a great effect on the nervous system, immune system, endocrine system, cardiovascular and digestive system of the body.

For drug addict who is undergoing a recovery treatment, acupuncture in a combination of group counseling, support groups, and individual therapy proves to be a cost-effective, safe and beneficial method to attain early results.

Acupuncture has a direct effect on brain as it stimulates the release of dopamine, endorphins and opioid neurotransmission; provide the same effect as depressants and opioids to a various extent which results in decrease in drug cravings.
Acupuncture also helps individual to cope with withdrawal symptoms efficiently. It helps in the regulation of eating patterns and sleep cycle. Those two are majorly disrupted in the recovery phase and withdrawal.

It also aids in reducing the anxiety and discomfort during withdrawal, as after quitting many natural functions tend to restore.
Secondly, acupuncture treatment also stimulates the endocrine system which further aids in flushing accumulated drug-related toxins from the body and recovering various organs that are affected by long-term drug abuse.

5-Point Ear Acupuncture for Addiction Recovery Treatment:

Acupuncture is very helpful in all phases of addiction recovery. There is a specific acupuncture treatment which is designed specifically for treating drug addiction is known as the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) protocol.

In this treatment needle is inserted into 5 specific locations into the ear:

1. The Autonomic Point: It promotes soothing and relaxation of CNS (Central Nervous System).
2. The Liver Point: It helps in removal of toxins from liver and blood. Additionally also helps with aggression.
3. The Lung Point: As the name suggests. it helps in improving the functioning of lungs and reduce stress.
4. The Shen Men Point: Also known as ‘spirit gate’ helps in reducing anxiety and nervousness.
5. The Kidney Point: It helps in healing vital organs and calm fears.

Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy:

Addiction cannot be cured by acupuncture alone, but it can be used as an additional tool in your recovery program. The benefits of acupuncture are mentioned below. It:

1. Regulates Sleep Patterns: For avoiding relapse, it is recommended to take proper care of the human body by getting enough sleep. Studies suggest that acupuncture can be used to treat insomnia without the use of potentially addictive medicines.
2. Curb Cravings: Managing drug cravings during recovery is the main challenge for addicts, especially in the early phase. Studies show that acupuncture treatment is very beneficial in reducing drugs and alcohol cravings.
3. Alleviate Anxiety and Stress: Stress is considered as the most potential relapse trigger. To avoid relapses, it is very important to find healthy ways which relieve stresses. Acupuncture is one of the many ways to provide anxiety and stress relief. Thus it is an integrated part of stress management therapy for addicts.
4. Treats Depression: Studies suggest that acupuncture is one of the best ways to treat depression without the involvement of harmful medicines. Depression, when occurring with substance abuse, can lead to dual diagnosis which is another term for double trouble. To maintain long-term addiction recovery, it is equally important to manage under-lying mental ailment.
5. Reduce Chronic and Acute Pains without Medication: Painkillers are used by many people during addiction recovery. The problem here is many people slip back into addiction after taking too strong pain medications. Therefore, it is mandatory to find a safe and effective pain reliever and acupuncture is the best pain reliever. Because it stimulated natural painkillers of body and can be the best alternative to addictive medicines.

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